We have many guests who come to Utne for fishing. We have Ågårdselva nearby, and we have Glomma running through the city. We have the idyllic lakes in inner Østfold, and we have deep-sea fishing in the inner Oslofjord.


The Ågårdselva river is known to be a good salmon river. Fishing for salmon is allowed from June 1st to August 31st with the purchase of a fishing license. The fishing period also applies to inland fishing. Catching salmon and sea trout is only allowed with a fishing rod. Note that you will mostly be moving on private and historic land that is open to the public. Follow signposted regulations and remember to purchase a fishing license. The nearest fishing license retailer is: Sollibrua Bilistsenter (Shell) beside E6 at Solli, tel. 69147286, Solliveien 278, 1719 Greåker.



In Glomma, fishing is allowed all year round, but trout are protected during the spawning season in the autumn. When the ice sets in a little in the winter, there are great opportunities for ice fishing for grayling in March/April - using the grindal fly. There can be good trout and grayling fishing with spinners and bait until the water level rises and the spring flood comes in May.

There are opportunities for exciting and varied fishing experiences throughout much of the year.

To fish in Østfold, certain rules and fees must be followed. Therefore, it may be wise to familiarize oneself with this before starting to fish in the area, and the information is available by following the provided links.

Rules: Fishing regulations for Glomma and Aagaardselva in Norwegian and English.

Purchase fishing licenses here: Fishing in Glomma in Akershus and Østfold.