Bålhus 1

Bonfire house

Our bonfire house is one of the most unique and memorable event venues in the area. With space for up to 50 people, it provides you and your guests with a private and intimate atmosphere to celebrate, interact, and enjoy each other's company.

Centrally located in the middle of the space, the warming bonfire flame provides a cozy and inviting glow, while the sound and lighting system in the ceiling creates a lively and festive atmosphere. The wall-mounted TV screen also allows for the possibility of showing video presentations or entertainment during your event.

With a bar, an organ, a refrigerator, and dartboards available, you have everything you need to keep your guests entertained. The terrace with cafe tables also provides the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings.

Book our bonfire house today to experience one of the most distinctive and memorable event venues in the area.


Leasing the lavvo costs only NOK 1,750 for one evening, and you can invite up to 14 people. If you have a lot of friends, we charge an additional NOK 120 per person over 15.

We provide cleaning and tidying services for a fixed fee of NOK 300. Apart from this, the only additional cost is the consumption of gas for the grill.


Bonfire in the middle, sound and lighting in the ceiling, and a TV on the wall.

Organ, bar, refrigerator, and dartboard.

Terrace with cafe tables.


Indoors, the lavvo can accommodate approximately 50 people, while an outdoor party on the terrace can fit a few more.


To book the bonfire house, please contact us at:


or   +47 69147126

Note: As other people live on the premises, we expect reasonable quiet from 11:00 PM and the party to end at 02:00 AM.

The tenant must apply for a mobile liquor license from the Sarpsborg municipality.