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Sarpsborg is heaven for the shopaholic.  Svinesund is just 30 minutes away.  This affect local prices.

Shopping at Svinesund and in Sweden.

Sweden has lower prices on meat, cigarettes, beer, tobacco and groceries.  If you're looking for car-parts or equipment for your car, Sweden is also a good place to start.  If you live at Utne Camping,  Sweden, Svinesund handelssentrum and Nordby supermarked is just 30 minutes away. 

At Nordby, you'll find  Nordby ShoppingCenter, owned by the Norwegian Olav Thon.

A little further into Sweden, you'll find Strømstad by and the archipelago Koster with many beautiful and unique shops.

Shopping in Sarpsborg.

Sarpsborg centre and  the area around the town square is dominated by the shopping centre, Storbyen kjøpesenter. With 70 shops,  most of them of large chains , you'll also find a shoemaker and a piercing-clinic. Many good clothing stores and restaurants (La Baguette,  Peppes and McDonalds), a pharmacy, liqour store  and many shoe stores. A good parking garage, with easy access to the rest of the city.

Follow the pedestrian area, St. Mariegate, and you'll find a good selection of local, non-chain stores.  Several good flowershops, hairdressers and exiting speciality shops.  For clothing,  Brødrene Ramdahl might have the most unique offering, both for men and women.  People travel a long way to shop at this particular store.

Tunejordet handelssentrum is Sarpsborg largest shopping area.  Car sales, used and new. Even tractors can be bought here. And ATVs from Bombardier, if you're interested

At Tunejordet, you'll also find the sports-store Topp Fritid with everything from tent plugs to boats. Great personal service and a vast selection.  Furniture, electonics, Hi-Fi stores are located here.  A local Harley Davidson-dealership iis located at BigTwin at Sørlietorget. Also large stores like Elkjøp, HiFi-klubben, ElLås etc.

At Stopp kjøpesenter at Tunejordet you'll find Torshov Rekvisita, XXL Sport and a good grocery store, and a couple of unique clothing and shoestores not found anywhere else.  An active car culture is centered around Stopp kjøpesenter, with interesting car displays year round. 

The shopping centre Amfi Borg is a large, open and friendly centre. Good parking and good stores.  A good mix of chain stores and independent stores gives an exiting mix.  Many of the same stores as at Storbyen shopping is found here, but also exiting interior stores, clothing, and cafés gives good alternatives to the chain store dominance.  Of the speciality stores, Streets of London is perhaps the most special, having customers from all over Norway, selling ballgowns, special clothes and accessories.

At Klokkergårdsveien and Amfi Borg you'll also find Noways largest Toys'R Us and the electronic store Expert

More at Sarpsborg Turist.